The MacFi-MP is a MP3 digital audio record / play system.The MacFi-mp incorporates a MPEG processor for record and playback quality of up to 15kHz bandwidth. With its increased capacity, the MacFi-mp is able to store up to 99 individual messages. Mackenzie’s Dynamic Message Length (DML) technology allows each of the 99 messages to be of different duration. DML also provides for replacement messages to be a different length than the original, maximizing memory efficiency and compatibility with future applications.

The MacFi-mp utilizes solid state, non-volatile, FLASH memory which stores messages until they are re-written. Message data is protected from power outages and no battery is required. The system contains no moving parts and offers unsurpassed reliability.

Specifications: MacFi-MPMounting hardware included
System Type

MP3 digital audio record / play system

Regulatory - CCCapproved