2-Way Ultra-Thin Soundbar with EVT™ Intelligibility Control

The TSB3.0 is a truly ultra-thin, three-channel soundbar – measuring only one and one half inches thick where the bar meets the TV.

The TSB features Phase Tech’s “EVT”- enhanced voice technology circuitry. So next time you’re watching a film and can’t make out the dialog, simply flip the EVT switch and the frequencies associated with human speech intelligibility will be bumped up – bringing that buried dialog into the foreground. The TSB also features Phase Tech’s “SFE”-spatial field expander, side drivers which create a wide, enveloping soundstage that extends far beyond the confines of the speaker cabinet.

The TSB comes with a wall mount and tabletop stand.

For optimal sound, pair the TSB with the P3-35 3-Channel amplifier.

Specifications: TSB3.0Mounting hardware included