The SoundTube XT850 is a premium 2-way outdoor loudspeaker solution for installations requiring high-performance sound in a durable speaker design. The XT850 is designed for full-range back-ground/foreground music and paging. The sealed, in-ground enclosure design delivers true low end response (38 Hz, – 10 dB) and optimal off axis performance. The XT850 includes theft-resistant mounting hardware and a weather-proof 5-position tap switch for 25/70.7/100 Volt applications with transformer bypass position

Specifications: XT850iMounting hardware included
Nominal Impedance4 ohm
Impedance (min)3.7 ohm
Sensitivity dB @ 2.83V/1M88.0dB
Sensitivity dB @ 1W/1M (2)85.0dB
Frequency Response (± 3 dB)51 Hz - 10 kHz
Frequency Response (±10 dB)38 Hz - 22 kHz
Max. Program Power200w
Max. Continuous Power RMS100w
Max. Power SPL @ 1 M105.0dB
Tap Selector5 Position rotary switch with transformer bypass
70.7 Volt Transformer Taps64w / 103.0dB
100 Volt Transformer Taps (dB)64w / 103.0dB
25 Volt Transformer Taps (dB)8w / 94.0dB
Network Type: Low Pass6dB per octave, 1st order
Network Type: High Pass6dB per octave, 1st order
ColorsGranite green or sandstone
Inputs18 gauge wire lead
Height (SM = Height)417.1 mm / 16.42 in
Diameter (SM = Width)359.9 mm / 14.16 in
Weight7.6 kg / 16.75 lb
Shipping Weight10 kg / 22.04 lb
Packaging1 per box
Regulatory - ULPending
Regulatory - CEApproved
Regulatory - IPIP55 approved