How many units do I need for my installation?

This will depend on the size of space where you are placing the speakers and desired coverage for your installation. Refer to SoundTube’s Spec 4.0 on the SoundTube website for assistance in determining your specific installation needs. You can also contact our Tech Support (techsupport@mseaudio.com) team and we can help you design the perfect system for your specific installation.

How big an amp do I need for my installation?

The size of the amplifier will depend on many factors. Most importantly, how many speakers are planned to be used in the installation and what is the desired power tap setting for each speaker. The general rule of thumb is to add up the power tap setting for every speaker on each amp channel and multiple that sum by 1.20 (20% head room). The result will tell you the minimum amplifier power needed for that channel.

How high should I hang the pendant speakers?

This is dependent upon the size and model of the speaker being hung. The general rule of thumb is the smaller the speaker, the lower it should be hung to the listener. High Power models (SoundTube HP models) are designed with more output and therefore may be hung higher than their standard counterparts.

General guidelines are: 3″ pendants should be hung at 7″-10″ from the floor

4″ and 5″ models may be hung 8′ – 14′ from the floor. For 5″ HP model (HP590) 10′ to 16

6″ models may be hung 12′ – 18′ from the floor.

8″ models may be hung 15′ – 20′ from the floor. For the 8″ HP models, 18′ – 22′.

12″ HP models may be hung from 22′ to 30′ from the floor.

Can I paint my RSi Speakers?

Yes, follow these instructions.


How to access Bluetooth on SB335?

To access the Bluetooth on this unit, ensure the power is supplied and it is “ON” by pressing the “ON/OFF” knob on front panel, the LED light will turn white. Make sure the IR receiver is properly plugged into the back of the unit and positioned so the remote can fully transmit, the hold the “ON/OFF” for 5 seconds and the LED light will blink purple. The IR remote, or universal remote, will need to be programmed to another device to ensure proper connection to the amp. While the LED is blinking, press the volume button three (3) times, the LED will blink rapidly. Do the same process with the volume down, wait for confirmation, and then again with the mute button. Once you program all three (3) buttons, the LED will default to white, the ready mode. At this point, hold the mute button for a few seconds to enable pairing mode. The LED will blink white while in discover to pair with your Bluetooth compatible device.

Tap Switch

Can these speakers be used for 70V systems?

Yes. Almost all SoundTube speakers come equipped with built-in 70V transformers. For those models that don’t have the transformer included, there is a transformer accessory option available. Contact SoundTube customer service to confirm transformer availability on the model you are interested in.

How do I read the tap switch settings?

This depends on the model. Most models have a label on the tap switch for 25V, 70V, and 100V systems. The label calls out the maximum power setting for the different tap switch positions. For models that do not have a label on the tap switch, the tap settings are called out in the Installation Manual. All SoundTube Installation Manuals are available online.

How do I hook up the speaker if I'm not using a 70V system?

For installations that do not use a high-voltage amp, it is necessary to configure the speaker to by-pass the on-board transformer. For most models, the tap switch has a by-pass position designated by the Omega symbol (Ω) on the switch label. Be sure the tap switch knob is set to the Ω position before playing any audio through the speaker. For speakers that do not have a tap switch label, consult the Installation Manual to determine the correct tap switch setting. Connect the speaker normally – as specified in the Installation Manual – for use with standard, low voltage amplifiers.


Why are there 4 connections for wiring?

Most SoundTube speakers have 4-pin input terminals to allow for daisy-chaining wiring.

What is daisy-chaining and why do I need it?

Daisy-chaining speakers are used for distributed audio systems. Normally these are 70.7V systems where multiple speakers may be placed on a single amplifier channel. The daisy-chaining connection, wires multiple speakers in a parallel configuration and can include an unlimited number of speakers.

What is the most correct wiring?

The correct wiring depends on the installation requirements. For daisy-chain wiring, connect the input wire to either of the +/- pair of connectors and connect the second wire pair (for the daisy-chained speakers) to the other +/- pair. For single speaker wiring or for standard low impedance (not high-voltage systems), use either of the +/- pairs on the input terminal. Refer to the Installation Manual for your specific speaker to see the correct wiring configuration.


I can still hear audio even when I am not under the dome.

The most common cause of audio “bleed” outside of dome “shadow” is a result of the speaker set at too high a volume level. To correct this problem, have a listener stand under the dome directly in the center. Make sure the ambient noise in the room is at a normal level. Adjust the speaker volume down to a point where it is clearly audible to the listener, but is hard to hear when the listener steps out from under the dome.

How do I wire the motion sensor?

The motion sensor requires DC power in order for it to operate. You will need a power supply that can provide 12-15 VDC and 100mA and this will need to be connected to wires in the CAT5 cable on the FP speaker. Refer to the Installation Manual for the correct wires to be used.

How do I wire the LED module?

The LED module requires DC power in order for it to operate.You will need a power supply that can provide 12-15 VDC and 100mA and this will need to be connected to wires in the CAT5 cable on the FP speaker. Refer to the Installation Manual for the correct wires to be used. All SoundTube Installation Manuals are available online.

How high can I hang these?

The recommended height for the CP is 7 – 7.5 feet above the floor. This is true for the FP6020, FP6030 and SS30 models.

What is the difference between the FP and SS30 Models?

Both of these speakers function the same way – by directing audio to a specific location and minimizing audio “bleed” outside of the desired area. The FP units are designed to play a bit lower in frequency and therefore are a bit better for music reproduction. The SS30 is just slightly better suited for voice reproduction. However, the styling of the two versions is quite different and is often a factor in deciding which unit to employ. Another important difference is SS30 units may be mounted to a rigid connection and therefore may be mounted at an angle in order to aim them at desired location. The FP models can only be hung in a vertical orientation.

How do I get a larger coverage area for more people under the dome?

It is possible to hang the FP speakers higher than recommended 7′ – 7.5′ in order to get a larger coverage area. However, this will also diminish how loud the speaker can play and will increase the possibility of the audio “bleeding” over and outside of the desired coverage area.

How do I connect my amp to the FP speakers?

The FP speaker has two separate speakers built in to it. As such, there are two sets of speaker wire attached to the FP unit. Refer to the Installation Manual for diagrams on how to wire stereo and mono sources to the FP unit. All SoundTube Installation Manuals are available online.

What is the impedance of the FP speaker?

Each of the FP speakers (there are two speakers in each FP pod unit) are 8 ohms. Therefore, if the speakers are to be used with a single source input and wired in parallel the impedance load will be 4 ohms. If they are wired in series, the load will 16 ohms. If a dual (stereo) input is used, each channel will see an 8  ohm load.

I want the motion module to turn on something else (light, TV, other playback device, etc.) Is it capable?

This is possible, but it will depend on the device. The FP motion module is equipped to send a 12V trigger through the CAT5 cable and this can used for this purpose. The module also can accommodate a contact closure for an accessory relay (not provided by SoundTube). Refer to the Installation Manual for instructions on the use of these options. All SoundTube Installation Manuals are available online.

Does the Motion Module or LED Module work with the SS30?

No. The fabric of the Sound Sleeve will not allow the IR motion sensor to work.

How do I clean the FP dome?

We recommend cleaning plastics with a speciality cleaning product such as Novus® No.1 or Brillianize. It is also possible to safely use a mild solution of soap or detergent and water. Do not use window cleaning fluids with ammonia (such as Windex® or Formula 409®), gasoline, denatured alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, or acetone, which will cause the plastics the craze with minute cracks. Begin by gently blowing away any loos dust or dirt from the plastic products’ surface. Apply the speciality cleaning product (or soap and water solution) with a dampened non-abrasive/non-contaminating/lint-free soft cloth, microfiber cloth, or cellulose sponge. Rinse well with clean, clear water. Blot dry with a chamois, damp damp cellulose sponge, or microfiber cloth to prevent water spotting. Note: Grease, oil, and tar may be removed with a good grade of hexane, naptha, or kerosene. Be sure to wash these solvents off quickly to prevent damage to the plastic.