Gesa Carousel of Dreams

The Gesa Carousel of Dreams in Kennewick, Washington is a reconstruction of a classic carousel that
operated for 63 years at an amusement park in Michigan. It had been sold in about 1973 to a private
collector in New Mexico, but nothing was done with it until the Gesa Carousel of Dreams Foundation
took it over and moved it to Washington.

Featuring elaborately decorated horses from Russian carver Charles Carmel, the carousel has been fully
restored and placed in a new building outfitted throughout with SoundTube speakers. Ralph Lynch,
President of system integrator APS (Advanced Protection Services, Inc.), says “We were approached to
provide a sound system for the carousel providing music throughout the site, both indoors and
outdoors. In addition to the carousel area itself, there is a play area outside and outdoor events are
held. The facility also has a banquet room that needed its own audio capabilities.” APS designed a zoned
system utilizing SoundTube surface-mount and in-ceiling speakers, managed by a Control4 system. 16
SoundTube SM500i-II speakers, 15 CM500i-II and 1 SM1001P are used for music and paging in the
carousel room, banquet rooms, covered patio, concession area, office, restrooms, gift shop and around
the structure on the outside. SM500i-II-WX speakers are used outdoors for improved weather

APS also provided video integration on the project; a large video projector and 120” motorized screen
were recently installed in the banquet room. Set up in a separate zone, the banquet room includes
several SoundTube speakers and an SM1001p subwoofer. Users can manage audio and video in the
banquet room using a Control4 system and can select music and paging elsewhere in the facility via
Control4. Smartphone integration was also supplied.

The SoundTube SM500i and CM500i speakers feature the company’s patented BroadBeam® high-
frequency dispersion technology. This technology closely matches the dispersion of high frequencies to
that of low frequencies, ensuring even room coverage and musicality. In addition, the voicing of the two
speaker models has been designed to match one another for consistent audio coverage and sonic
quality as visitors move throughout the facility. The SM1001p subwoofer, which was corner-mounted
high on a wall in the banquet room, may also be wall-mounted or placed on a floor.

“SoundTube has a really nice service that analyzes the layout of a site and helps to determine the
optimal speaker placement,” says Lynch. “We used their SPEC program, which was great for the
customer because they could see a visual representation of the coverage. SoundTube helped us
determine the best products and quantities for the job and the SPEC program sped up the whole
process. We are using SoundTube more and more; they are a nice fit for us because of the wide range of
speaker options.”

Integrator: APS (Advanced Protection Services, Inc.)

Pasco, Washington