Got UL?

UL Listing Categories for Speakers

UL 1480 tests a speaker’s ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions and confirms that it will not catch fire or otherwise cause harm in the event of improper installation.

UL 1480 UUMW is required to meet the new NFPA-72-2010 code.

UL 2043 applies to speakers meant for installation in plenum (or air-handling) spaces, such as above suspended ceilings or beneath floors. UL 2043 tests the rate of heat release and smoke release of burning product samples to ensure they meet safety requirements.

UL 2239 ensures the safety of hardware associated with hanging devices, such as cables, straps, staples, etc.

UL60065 warrants the safety of electronic amplification devices.

EN54 is a mandatory standard in the European Union market for fire detection and alarm systems. It specifies requirements and laboratory tests for every component in these systems, and allows the free movement of constructions products between EU countries.

CB certification is the European standard for safety. It is similar to the American UL certification standard. CB certification is widely accepted and enforced throughout Europe.

The Widest Selection of UL-Listed Speakers

For over a century, Underwriters Laboratories has developed safety standards and tested products to ensure they are safe for use. Several states and local jurisdictions now require that commercial
speakers be UL-listed.

SoundTube guarantees that all products bearing the UL logo are UL listed, not just that they meet UL requirements. This is an important distinction, because where a UL listing is mandatory, simply meeting the requirements will not pass inspection. We go to great lengths to obtain listings so that with the majority of SoundTube models, customers can rest assured that Underwriters Laboratories has independently evaluated and officially certified the product.

And UL isn’t the only regulatory area where we’ve got you covered. Our products also meet the approval standards of RoHS, WEEE, CE, CB and several models are in the process of EN54 testing as of this printing.