El Pomar Heritage Museum

Colorado Springs’ historic Broadmoor Hotel complex includes a large museum, the El Pomar Heritage Museum, which contains numerous displays on regional history.  A significant part of that history includes cars and car racing. The Pike’s Peak Hill Climb takes place every year just a few miles west of Colorado Springs, and a recent expansion the museum commemorates this event with the “Pike’s Peak Hill Climb Experience.” The historical section along with the Hill Climb Experience use SoundTube speakers throughout.

The Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb is an event where auto and motorcycle racers try to get to the top of the 14,115’ mountain as fast as possible over a 19 mile course with steep climbs and hairpin curves. The race began in 1916 and has taken place every year except during the two World Wars. Racers compete against the clock rather than against each other (the fastest time on record is just over 8 minutes!), but the race is both exhilarating and dangerous. The Hill Climb Experience commemorates the history of the Hill Climb and highlights some of the racers and vehicles.

The adjacent El Pomar Heritage Museum has the “kinder, gentler” side of Colorado Springs, showcasing historical vehicles along with displays on regional history.

Colorado Springs integrator Houlton Audio/Video Applications handled all of the AV elements in both sides of the museum. They outfitted the entire space with MSE Audio products. SoundTube SM590i’s are placed in three zones on the upper walls of the Hill Climb Experience and carry the sounds of race cars speeding by. Several of the SM590i speakers were painted blue to blend in with the “sky” section of the walls.

Houlton A/V took extra time to make sure the “crash pit” display was extra-impressive. This display contains the actual wreckage of a car that went off the side of the cliff and rolled several times (the driver was unhurt; the navigator suffered a concussion but was otherwise fine). A SoundTube SM31-EZ hidden in the car plays the soundtrack of a video describing the wreck while a Rockustics PunkSub at the bottom of the pit provides impressive rumble.

In the El Pomar Heritage Museum SoundTube SM500i, SM590i and FP6020-II units are employed. The surface-mount speakers play classical music while the FP6020-II units contain the audio for nearby video displays covering the history of the region.

Houlton A/V set up a complex, yet easily managed matrix AV system which allows the museum to re-configure the audio as needed for press conferences and special events. The equipment room includes a SoundTube SM400i-BK mounted on the wall behind the rack; this allows museum personnel to quickly check the audio quality of any of the sources located in the rack.

The combination of speed and serenity make the El Pomar Heritage Museum and Pike’s Peak Hill Climb Experience a fun and interesting visit, and SoundTube is happy to be part of it.