Kang Ho Dang Baekjong Restaurant, New York City

SoundTube Enhances Experience at Zagat-Recommended Restaurant

Zagat called the Kang Ho Don Baekjong Restaurant, which opened in December 2014, one of “New York
City’s Hottest New Restaurants.” The owners of this Korean restaurant, who also have a nightclub in the
area, wanted superior sound quality to enhance the dining experience. Canal Sound & Light, also based
in New York City, was tasked with providing speakers for the restaurant. The integrator faced some
interesting challenges due to the low ceiling heights combined with ductwork for the Korean BBQ vents,
HVAC and lighting. “We knew the speaker that we would choose for the job needed to be a pendant
with wide dispersion for ample coverage, and also sound good,” said Canal Sound & Light’s Jeffrey
Kwan. “The SoundTube rep in the area, Reflex Marketing, got multiple samples for us to test. We
selected the SoundTube RS400i for its size and sound quality. We also did a demo for the owners against
a competing brand and SoundTube won.” The installation included 29 RS400i units and 4 RS1001i-II-T
subwoofers, driven by Crown CTs amplifiers. As the last contractor in the facility, Canal Sound & Light
needed to conceal all of the wiring behind the restaurant’s electrical metallic tubing. “We had very little
space in the ceiling, but the RS400i was easy to work with,” said Kwan. Once the project was completed,
“The owners were blown away by the sound quality,” Kwan reported. “They said this must be the best
sound system in a restaurant!”

Canal Sound & Light