Mahony & Son’s – pendant speakers

Mahony & Son’s is an elegant yet lively bar located in the Stamps Landing complex in Vancouver, Canada. Music is a huge part of their business; the owners consider it vital for attracting and retaining customers. System integrator CONTI focused on the sound quality when selecting speakers for the location.

The vaulted ceilings in the Stamps Landing location created an acoustical challenge – it was highly possible that sound would echo throughout the room if speakers were not placed properly. CONTI opted to use SoundTube RS600i pendant speakers. These speakers could be placed exactly where needed above the floor, well below the vaulted ceiling, and provided even dispersion of high quality sound (with fewer “dead zones” and “loud zones”) in the environment.

For Mahony & Son’s, SoundTube’s unique technology and speaker design translated to superior sound quality throughout and contributed to the lively, fun and intimate atmosphere needed to make Mahony’s a destination customers would want to visit over and over again.