Toison d’Or

Ateliers Audiovisuel created the audio design using input from integrator Snef and SoundTube’s distributor Sound Directions. There were two parts to the project, the renovation and the extension. The mall also has two floors. To handle the space requirements, 20 zones were created.

The installation required that the revamped facility must offer a better quality of service, and thus indirectly boost sales. An increase in visitor numbers was also important, and the predictions have suggested an expected 8,500,000 compared with 7,000,000 previously. The developers wanted to ensure music and advertisements were delivered with superb intelligibility – not only because of their impact on sales, but also because of the importance

speech intelligibility (and an excellent RASTI score) has on safety and building evacuation. With the shopping centre being so highly regarded, it is natural to assume the audio products should match. Different loudspeakers needed to work within the architect’s specific aesthetic constraints, and the system was required to offer complete coverage of the facility. Communication between the digital processor needed to be without latency, and the audio

system was required to provide a user-intuitive control interface. The speakers also had to be easy to install because the integrator only had five months to complete the project.

From Sound Directions France:

Soundtube speakers have been employed for their regular dispersion of more than 100° until 10 Khz, in-fact the BeamRing technology for mid range clarity and ultra wide off axis perfomance allows maximum coverage. That allows a linear frequency between 80Hz and 17Khz.

44 SM400i-WH speakers have been used for the zones which weren’t suitable for in-ceiling loudspeakers.

 CM52BGM-WH and CM62BGM-WH coaxial two way ceiling speakers have been integrated on the circular walkways and restrooms. The BGM series is really suitable for background music, with a tuned port on the baffle being included for greater musicality and a lower bass response down to 65 Hz (-10dB). The mounting hardware of the speakers is included within the cartons and features a constant tension fixed wiring system with a 21 gauge «full metal» steel tile bridges ensuring rapid and secure installation. Thanks to the maximum efficiency of 91,5dB sensitivity at 2,5W 100V for the CM52BGM, Snef and the project developer saved a substantial sum of money on loudspeaker costs. A total of 198 SoundTube in-ceiling speakers were installed.

6 RS400i-WH speakers were used where in-ceiling models were not practical, and the aesthetic constraints didn’t permit wall-mounted versions.

8 SM31EZ-BK loudspeakers were also hidden in small flower pots – this little 3’’ speaker was perfectly integrated.

Testimonial from Mathieu Gailly – Director of Toison D’or

“Ateliers Audiovisual has already worked with Unibail on audio concepts, and Snef is recognized in his field for his conscientious and serious work. This is why I wasn’t worried about the issue. Especially as their part of the work was performed in only 4 months!!

Even if the audio part didn’t represents lots of money on our global budget, it was important for us to have a qualitative sound reinforcement. Speakers are well integrated, with no distortion, music and advertisements are clearly heard. We have now reliable equipment that will allow us to focus on advertisements and music playlists to increase our turnover.”