Microwave Sensor

The Microwave Sensor (Model MS-2) from Mackenzie Laboratories, Inc. is the ideal solution for automatically triggering message playback via contact closure. The Microwave Sensor uses radar technology to detect the disturbance of, or mass movement in its field of operation. Detection produces a contact closure. This technology is resistant to false detentions caused environmental conditions. Its small size allows the Microwave Sensor to be mounted almost anywhere. In addition, microwave technology does not require line of sight like most infrared units. This allows the Microwave Sensor be hidden behind plastic, wood, fiberglass, cloth, glass, etc and not effect the aesthetics of your installation.

The minimal power required for the Microwave Sensor allows it to share the 12VDC supply of another device in most applications.

The Microwave Sensor is able to share power and provide a single contact closure to the following Mackenzie models (As well as any other systems offering a 12VDC supply and contact input):DV-1000MT/MTS, DMR-Px/PxS, MacFi, MacFi-e.

Specifications: MS-2Mounting hardware included