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Lead. Or follow.® It’s the philosophy that drives SoundTube Entertainment to constantly establish new standards for quality, innovation and value. No other speaker company takes the same approach to developing technology, bringing innovation to market and celebrating creativity in everything it does. SoundTube drives the science of full-frequency sound dispersion through proprietary technologies such as BroadBeam®, setting the standard for performance, installation ease, style and value.


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Featured Products

LA Line Array Series

Soundtube’s LAPS (Line Array-Point Source) technology makes the near-field shorter than most other line arrays. Because its effective line length is kept relatively constant as a function of frequency, the near-field to far-field transition occurs at only 3 meters from the speaker. Beyond this distance, there is no change in the frequency response or the directivity pattern of the speaker (40 x 120 degrees).

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IP / ST-NET Series

The SoundTube ST-NET system is an IP-addressable speaker system with proprietary 40 watts PoE (Power over Ethernet) to each of its speakers. Addressed through Ethernet cable and individually set up and equalized, the IP system is compatible with any CobraNet®-enabled system and offers easy system wiring with Cat5/6 between the switch, the speakers and all other endpoints.

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Secret Sound®

Museum Tools originated the concept of focused sound 20 years ago with their Secret Sound® parabolic speaker line. Since then, many companies have produced similar products, but we believe no one has equaled the quality, design or service. SoundTube is happy to announce that Museum Tools is now an MSE Audio company, along with Induction Dynamics, Phase Technology, Rockustics, SolidDrive, and SoundTube.

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